The Charge of the God

bacchus9 Like the Charge of the Goddess, this beautiful poem reveals to us the nature of the Horned Lord.

He is the Sun, the Stag and the Harvest.

Listen to his words and grow in his mysteries.

The Charge of the God
Author Unknown

I am the radiant King of the Heavens,
flooding the Earth with warmth and encouraging the hidden
seed of creation to burst forth into manifestation.

I lift my shining spear to light the lives of all beings
and daily pour forth my golden rays upon the Earth,
putting to flight the powers of darkness.

The Horned LordI am the spirit of all beasts wild and free.
I run with the stag and soar as a sacred falcon against
the shimmering sky.

The ancient woods and wild places emanate my powers,
the birds of the air sing of my sanctity.

I am the harvest, offering up grain and fruits beneath
the sickle of time so that all may be nourished.
For without planting there can be no harvest;
without winter there can be no spring.

I am the thousand named Son of creation.
Know that by all names I am the same.

Lord of the SunThe spirit of the horned stag in the wild, the endless harvest.
See in the yearly cycle of festivals my birth, death and
rebirth and know that such is the destiny of all creation..

I am the spark of life, the radiant Sun, the giver of peace and rest.

I send my rays of blessings to warm the hearts and strengthen the minds of all.

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A Winter Solstice Blessing

heliosfullLord, the Dark Night gives way. The God is born this day.

The sacred silence of Winter slides into the light, no longer shall we be ruled by the night.

The Dark Night gives way. The God is born this day.

The day dawns with bright promise, shadows are undone. Chains of darkness are shattered by the Sun.

The Dark Night gives way. The God is born this day.

Rejoice in the coming of the Light!

Book of Hours: Prayers to the God by Galen Gillotte

Solstice Blessings to all!