Traditional Kimchi (통배추김치)

Greetings everyone!

Fall is upon us and my apartment  has been full of of delicious smells from kimchi making and pickling vegetables.

This is my favorite time of year. I love turning the bounty of the summer into sour pickles, spicy kimchi and warm dishes.

This video details a very traditional cabbage kimchi, and is the recipe I make. It is so delicious and can be used for many different dishes as well as eaten on its own.

What kind of fall foods do you prepare in your kitchens? Let me know in the comments.


For the full recipe and a list of helpful tips for making kimchi click here.

배숙 (Steamed Korean Pear)

Fall is my absolute favorite season.

I love the sights, scents, tastes and especially the weather.

The harvests are completed, and the Lord of the Fields has sacrificed himself to provide for us. The world grows cold as he and the Goddess of the Earth rest in the underworld together, yet we know they have not abandoned us. Spring will come again.

In the meantime, we can enjoy lovely recipes that make us feel cozy and make the most of the harvest.

This recipe is a great dessert, or even a snack. It is healthy, light, cozy and very charming. Maangchi also says it can help a loved one get over a cold, and at the very least it helps show them that you care.

If you cannot find the Jujube (Korean Date,) I would recommend using the much more readily available medjool date. Be sure to remove the pit.

I hope you try this recipe, and find some warmth this lovely Autumn season.