Essential Oil Profile: Lavender

This beautiful oil is often called the “Mother of Essential Oils;” and like a mother it is comforting, warm, and performs many tasks at once. It is perhaps the most versatile and useful essential oil, and deserves to be in every medicine cabinet. This particular oil is also very unique from others in that it can be applied neat (undiluted) to the skin, and will not cause a negative skin reaction. Caution is still to be used with large doses however.

Lavender also can help us find a perfect balance of masculine and feminine traits that are within us all; it can help men become gentle, caring, and empathetic, and women strong, brave, and assertive.

Lavender SpikesThe properties of Lavender: (See the Herbal Terminology Post for definitions)

Analgesic, Anti-Coagulant, Anti-Convulsive, Anti-Depressant, Anti-Fungal, Antihistamine, Anti-Infectious, Anti-Inflammatory, Antiseptic, Anti-Spasmodic, Antitoxic, Cardiotonic, Regenerative, Sedative

Uses for Lavender include:

Physical: Helps burns, inflammation, cuts, wounds, eczema, dermatitis, fainting, headaches, influenza, insomnia, migraine, infections, bacterial conditions, sores, ulcers, acne, boils, asthma, rheumatism, arthritis.

Emotional and Mental: Counteracts anxiety,  irritability, stress, tension, mental exhaustion, panic, hysteria, shock, apprehension, fears, nightmares, insecurity, loss of inner child, restlessness, moodiness, distraction, addiction, obsessive behavior, trauma, conflict, emotional violence, agitation, jitteryness, depression, psychosomatic illness, nervousness, worry, over-excitedness, burnout.

Nourishes security, gentility, compassion, balance, reconcile, vitality, clarity, comfort, acceptance, inner peace, restfulness, relaxed alertness, awareness, emotional balance, spiritual growth, meditative thought, visualization, rejuvenation.

Spiritual and Energetic: Lavender is an herb belonging to the element of Air and is in tune with the planetary energies of Mercury. When used in rituals and meditations it invites energies of high frequencies, which are very useful to the practitioner. Because of the characteristics of Air present in this oil, it helps activate the sixth chakra, and as a result produces clear thinking, and increased awareness.

Lavender BlossomsApplications of Lavender Oil: (Never use essential oils internally unless instructed by a qualified health care professional)

Handkerchief/Tissue: add one or two drops of the oil on a tissue or handkerchief and sniff often. This method is useful for the emotional and mental problems listed above, as well as fainting and headaches.

Vapor: add 2-3 drops into a bowl of hot water and inhale the vapors deeply through the nose for one minute (be sure to close your eyes to avoid irritation.) This method is helpful for treating respiratory and sinus infections, asthma, and headaches.

Massage Oil: add a maximum 5 drops per teaspoon of carrier oil and massage over the affected area. This method is helpful for rashes, sore muscles, arthritis, and digestive problems. (remember to massage the abdomen in a clock-wise movement)

Baths: add a maximum of 8 drops to a warm bath and soak for at least ten minutes, breathing deeply and relaxing. This method is helpful for mental and emotional problems, muscle tension, digestive problems, respiratory and sinus infections, and asthma.

Showers: wash as normal then add 5 drops to your washcloth, luffa, or sponge and rub over yourself briskly while standing under the running water. Breathe Deeply. This method is helpful for mental and emotional problems, muscle tension, digestive problems, respiratory and sinus infections, and asthma.

Diffusers: add 1-6 drops to a diffuser and light the candle, or turn the diffuser on. Sit, relax, and breathe deeply for one minute. This method is helpful for the mental and emotional problems listed above, asthma, and to help sanitize the air.

Humidifiers: add 4 drops to the water added into a humidifier. This method is helpful for the mental and emotional problems listed above, asthma, respiratory and sinus infections, and to help sanitize the air.

Neat: one or two drops can be applied neat to bug bites, cuts, burns, scrapes, warts, and pimples.

Contraindications: Avoid in first trimester of pregnancy. Avoid if blood pressure is extremely low.

Information pulled from:

The Fragrant Mind and The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood

The Master Book of Herbalism by Paul Beyerl

Peach Lavender Popsicles

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