Terminology used in Herbal Medicine

This post will help you understand the medicinal properties of herbs and essential oils.

Remember to never use an herb or oil without knowing its properties, and how it affects a human body.

Abortificant– An agent that induces or causes premature expulsion of a fetus.

Acrid– Having a hot, biting taste or causing heat and irritation when applied to the skin.

Alterative– An agent which produces gradual beneficial change in the body, usually by improving nutrition, without having any marked specific effect and without causing sensible evacuation.

Analgesic– A drug which relieves or diminishes pain; Anodyne

Anaphrodisiac– An agent which reduces sexual desire or potency.

Anesthetic– An agent that deadens sensation.

Anthelmintic– An agent that destroys or expels intestinal worms; Vermicide, Vermifuge

Antibiotic– An agent that destroys or arrests the growth of micro-organisms.

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