Simple Fruit Leather

Greetings Everyone!

Today’s video recipe is super fun and super easy.

It’s also a great way to save some money by using up over-ripe fruits or scraps that weren’t used in other recipes.



  • Strawberries
  • Mango

Simple Strawberry Jam

Greetings everyone!

 This delicious recipe by Maangchi is a great way to sneak in more strawberries before the season comes to an end.

I would recommend replacing the sugar with honey, but with just two ingredients it couldn’t be simpler.


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Homemade Fish Cakes

Greetings everyone.

Today I have two videos to share. They are from two of my favorite YouTube channels, and both are absolutely delicious.

Many of the fish cakes sold in Asian markets today contain unhealthy additives such as MSG, dyes, and other nasty preservatives.

These recipes show how to make fish cakes using real fish and healthy ingredients. Enjoy.

さつま揚げ (satsuma-age) are a fish cake from Kagoshima, Japan. They are used in various stews and hotpots, or eaten as a snack. They have a lovely flavor and texture and are also a great way to incorporate fish into the diet.

Click here to see more videos from Cooking with Dog.

어묵 (eomuk) are fish cakes from South Korea. Many believe they were created to mimic the Japanese fish cakes many centuries ago. They are delicious and like satsuma-age, they are great in soups or just as a snack.

Click here to see more videos from Maangchi.

Chinese Spring Onion Pancakes

Greetings Everyone!

I am so so sorry for my absence. It feels amazing to be back, and I can’t wait to share all of the lovely recipes I have been accumulating throughout my hiatus.

The first one I present to you is from The Dumpling Sisters on YouTube.

They are absolutely lovely and can cook like no other. Jamie Oliver has recognized their talent, and they are currently in the process of writing a cook book.

A big round of applause for these wonderful ladies, and I hope you enjoy their scrumptious recipe.

For the full recipe visit:

Raw Lembas Bread

Greetings everyone!

Today’s video is one I was terribly excited to see in my subscription feed on YouTube.

There’s a lot going for this video:

  1. It is one of the first videos from Feast of Fiction since they’ve made a comeback. I honestly couldn’t be happier for their return, and I excitedly wait for more lovely recipes from them.
  2. It features Laura from Raw, Vegan, Not Gross and as such is raw, vegan, gluten free and definitely not gross.
  3. It is a reworking of their earlier Lembas Bread Recipe which I wasn’t terribly fond of. I like this one much better.


Peach Lavender Popsicles

Hello Everyone!

I apologize for all the videos lately, but YouTube has been cranking out gems!

This video is from a really amazing show called Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. which is a part of Tastemade on YouTube.

Her food is exactly as described: raw, vegan, and definitely not gross.

I highly recommend checking this show out, and subscribing to Tastemade to keep up with all of their wonderful recipes.