A Winter Solstice Blessing

heliosfullLord, the Dark Night gives way. The God is born this day.

The sacred silence of Winter slides into the light, no longer shall we be ruled by the night.

The Dark Night gives way. The God is born this day.

The day dawns with bright promise, shadows are undone. Chains of darkness are shattered by the Sun.

The Dark Night gives way. The God is born this day.

Rejoice in the coming of the Light!

Book of Hours: Prayers to the God by Galen Gillotte

Solstice Blessings to all!

DIY Gift-Wrapping Ideas by Michelle Phan

This holiday season Michelle Phan has shared something creative, earth conscious, and 100% chic.

There are some absolutely wonderful gift-wrapping ideas here, especially for those small gifts we just drop into gift bags every year.

I hope you all enjoy these tips and have a Blessed Yule this weekend and a Merry Christmas next week.

Season’s Blessings, Matt

Naturally Dyeing Eggs for Ostara or Easter

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be sharing another YouTube gem.

This video will show you how to dye eggs using natural dyes in the three primary colors.

With Ostara and Easter approaching, I thought this would be very appropriate, and really fun whether you have little ones or not.

I personally prefer this method to the artificial dye kits that sell by the thousands around this time of year. I always felt uncomfortable eating the eggs after having soaked them in those bright artificial dyes; especially when they leeched through the shell and into the egg itself.

With this method I don’t have to worry about anything harmful being ingested, although I do not enjoy beets whatsoever. I highly doubt that the flavors of the dye will reach the egg whites; and if they do, I doubt it will be very strong.

If you enjoyed this video check out the lovely Emmy’s channel on YouTube at emmymadeinjapan. She has fun videos where she tries food from all over the world, showcases Japanese candies, and even shows off her cooking skills with recipe videos.

Most of all enjoy your holiday and have fun finding eggs!