An Overview of Jin Shin

Healing TouchJin Shin is an ancient method of looking after our body (entire body including that which we cannot see). The High Touch Network supports the study and practice of this ancient knowledge in new ways for our modern times. Betsy Dayton, the founder of the High Touch Network, has put this system into a series of books so it is easy to learn and use.

Our true ‘bodies’ are larger than the body we can actually see. An electrical system or force permeates this ‘etheric body’ as well as our physical body. It

is the force that gives and sustains life. Our ‘life-force’. Jin Shin works with this.

The core of the system works with three main currents. When we release these circuits –you can do this on yourself, for yourself- we allow the electricity to travel in its optimum way. Doing this regularly allows the body to be in a harmonious and balanced condition more frequently. When the body is in this condition it is able to heal itself. Using this power over a period of time, many problems will right themselves as the body spends more and more time in this optimum state and is free to rebalance in its own way.

The body’s own wisdom here is phenomenal. The points on the body that we hold are recognized places that we seem to have circuit breakers (fuses). These were identified thousands of years ago. The flows of Jin Shin work by ‘jump starting’ these fuses. We use two hands just like a positive and negative jump lead to re-start the battery of a car. Therefore, we kick start the body’s own system of action. How quickly we notice the changes often depend on the level of congestion –although sometimes remarkable shifts occur very swiftly.

Jin ShinTherapies such as Acupuncture and Shiatsu come from Jin Shin. They are specializations if you like. Jin Shin works with the same meridian structure –though in a simpler manner, making this accessible to everyone and using simple holds to clear the meridians or pathways. Anyone can utilize these simple holds to deal with everyday problems such as headaches etc. on a symptomatic level, also you may utilize the longer flows to work with the core of your being.

Overlaid on this meridian system is the number system. No other physical therapy I know of has anything like this. The number system relates directly to our core. It also relates to mathematics. It relates to the Qabbalah, to numerology. This system totally reflects our body as part of the universe. We can access ourselves through the number flows.

If we want to, when we look at the meaning of the numbers we can begin to learn about our own patterns –physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. They are reflected in our bodies. We can begin to ‘know ourselves’. This is a fascinating and revealing process and is why Jin Shin has been termed ‘the art of happiness’. Through this we learn to accept ourselves and have a greater understanding of our being.

So this beautiful tool, Jin Shin, we may use to alleviate symptoms, achieve a greater degree of health or as part of our journey through life, to achieve greater awareness and understanding of ourselves.

The Jin Shin Treatment

Jin Shin is a holistic therapy in that it truly heals at levels of body, mind, and spirit.

Jin Shin is a treatment which can be done on oneself, or for another. It is a treatment that balances the human energies to promote health and well being and has great benefits from the point if prevention, maintenance, and remedial care.

Jin Shin TreatmentThe client will lie on a table, face up and fully clothed. The therapist uses light touch on the client’s body over particular points along energy pathways. Jin Shin works through clothing, blankets, boots and even casts.

Two particular points are held simultaneously until the tension or congestion is released, signaled by the synchronous pulsation felt at the point, then one of the hands is moved to another point and another etc. until a particular ‘flow’ has been completed.

Each point can take seconds to minutes to release and re-energize. Treatments generally take 45 minutes to an hour, with a short rest period for rest and teaching self-help techniques. The client is encouraged to carry out these self-help techniques regularly on themselves to aid with stress reduction and to move towards their optimal state of health.

Repeated treatments depend on the individual and the particular situation. You can have treatments for specific health issues, as a preventative ‘tune up’ or just to have a nurturing, relaxing hour. After several treatments, a person can really feel the difference and has a sense of balance and vitality, so they are better able to distinguish when they are out of balance.

Who Can Benefit from Jin Shin?

Jin Shin Many kinds of people come for treatments: infants, geriatric clients, pregnant ladies, those in acute health situations (asthma, back pain), those who will be undergoing surgery and those with chronic problems who are referred by other health professionals.

Jin Shin releases tension, so healthy people who just want to stay fit and balanced use Jin Shin on a regular basis. It is extremely helpful for sports people who demand a great deal of their bodies and can make a dramatic impact on the healing of injuries.

Jin Shin is a special gift to give yourself. Early release of tension is good preventative healthcare. When stress is held and repressed in the body over long periods of time imbalances and disease may result.

What Can You Expect?

Jin Shin is a pleasurable experience. As mentioned above, you remain fully clothed, lie on a massage table and the therapist uses their hands over points on your body. The general experience is one of deep relaxation. After treatment, symptoms may or may not be relieved. They often are, but it can take 8-24 hours to notice changes as this therapy initiates the flow of energy. Afterwards, the energy cycles for another 24 hours clearing blockages, releasing tension, and rebalancing. People may feel relaxed or invigorated depending on the individual and that particular time.


As a practitioner of Jin Shin, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is a beautiful healing art, and if you have the opportunity definitely give it a try.

To locate a practitioner in your area get in contact with the High Touch Network here.

This overview was written by the lovely Kay Evans

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