Honey Lemon Slices

Hello everyone!

Today I am sharing a lovely tutorial from an even lovelier Japanese YouTuber named Ochikeron.

Her channel is full of absolutely yummy food, and fun sweets. I highly recommend it.

This simple recipe is good for fatigue in the summer, or warding off colds in the winter; and with only two ingredients, it couldn’t be simpler.

I really hope you give it a try.


Essential Oils in the Bathroom

Beautiful Bathroom As with the kitchen, the main concern in the bathroom is to clear bacteria and viruses from the air and on surfaces. Use one of the oils listed below in the final rinse water when you wash all the surfaces in the bathroom, including the bath, sink and toilet- not only to kill germs but to give the whole room a lovely fragrance.

Electric diffusers should not be used in the bathroom to avoid shock hazards and damage to the diffuser; but you can buy metallic rings which are fixed to downward hanging light bulbs, and these can be kept stocked with the essential oils so there is a permanent source of anti-bacterial aroma.

Any of the oils listed below can also be used in a room spray. This method helps remove odors from the air, and sanitize surfaces.

Beautiful Bathroom Another method which is a nice touch -especially if no other methods can be used- involves toilet paper. Simply put a couple of drops of the concentrated blends below on the cardboard ring inside the toilet paper roll before placing on the holder. The cardboard soaks up the essential oil and gently releases the cleansing aroma molecules, keeping the whole area clean and fragrant.

There is almost nothing better than enjoying a relaxing bath as a candle softly illuminates the room. Since electrical diffusers are generally a bad idea in the bathroom, candle-based is definitely the way to go.

A list of oils best used in the bathroom as “bacteria busters”:


The Synergistic Blends for the Bathroom are as follows:

Bathroom Synergistic Blend 1
5 drops Bergamot
10 drops Lavender
5 drops Cinnamon
10 drops Lemon
10 drops Citronella

Bathroom Synergistic Blend 2
5 drops Oregano
10 drops Sage
10 drops Thyme
20 drops Lemon

This post was adapted from:
The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood

All Images were found on Google.com

How to Grow Soybean Sprouts at Home

Hello everyone!

Today’s video is from the lovely and talented Maangchi, who is one of my all time favorite food bloggers.

Her Korean recipes are top notch, and her personality is really fun.

I highly suggest checking out her website and YouTube channel for more yummy recipes.

Soybean sprouts or 콩나물 in Korean, are a great way to get protein and many other nutrients. They are used in many Korean and other Asian dishes, and can be used almost identically to mung bean sprouts.

I never knew how easy they were to sprout at home, and now I can’t wait to try it out in my kitchen.

If you give it a try, let me know how it turns out!


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