Food Blogger of the Month: February 2013

Hello everyone! I apologize for February’s Food Blogger of the Month being so late. I lined up an interview only to not receive word back for this month.

I was scrambling to find someone to replace the interview, until I made an obvious realization: I had a wonderful food blogger in my news feed who posted wonderful vegan food, and seemed fun and very passionate. I yelled at myself for not asking her sooner and sent a message right away.

Alexis from Sugar Coated VeganI was very excited when I received a prompt reply, and everything was set into motion very quickly.

This month I am interviewing Alexis of Sugar Coated Vegan, and I’m pretty excited about this one. Her blog not only looks amazing, but it actually is.

Her sweet recipes are simply amazing, and very inventive. Have you ever thought you could have vegan cherry cordials, because I certainly never have. She has proved to me that you can make almost anything into a vegan treat, and never have to sacrifice flavor to eat better.

Enjoy this month’s interview, and definitely check out Alexis and her lovely recipes.

When did your passion for food begin?

My passion for food began funnily enough when I become a vegetarian because I was forced to make meals for myself which gave me the chance to explore all various types of ingredients and spices. That step of independence brought me to this point of having to create something new because as a vegan you don’t want to just eat salads seven days a week.

What inspires you to create recipes?

Vegan Cinnamon Roll PancakesI love being able to bring all these different recipes to the public and being able to help convey the tools needed so they can create the dishes themselves. Also, personally a lot of my recipes come about when I’m craving something that I haven’t yet veganized so I like to look at the traditional components of the dish and use that base of the recipe to create something completely vegan out of it.

When did you begin blogging about food?

I started fairly recently, January 1st 2013. The beginning of the New Year!

What is one of your favorite go to recipes on your blog?

Vegan Marzipan TrufflesI love, love, love making the marzipan truffles and the cherry cordials! I can’t pick which is better because I adore both, haha. The marzipan truffles just remind me of my childhood and my mom who pronounced marzipan as “matzipan” and I absolutely loved cherry cordials before becoming a vegan so I jumped at the chance to veganize them.

What is one of your favorite ingredients to use?

For sweets, definitely almond extract the aroma is amazing and you need just little bit of it to add something special to your sweets. For savory dishes, garlic tastes good in just about everything! The smell of garlic and onion frying in a pan is one you can’t miss!

What is one piece of equipment you can’t live without in your kitchen?

Vegan Cherry CordialsFOOD PROCESSOR! 100% my food processor! I couldn’t live without it, haha. There are just so many versatile things you can do with it and it saves you so much in prep time. When I first looked at this question it was a toss up between a mixer and a food processor and there’s no way I could do half of my recipes without a food processor.

What are some encouraging words you’d like to share with other food lovers?

Don’t be afraid to explore and step outside of your comfort zone. Try recipes from every single part of the world! If you find your daily meals becoming monotonous just look up a dish from another place and play with it, test it out! Buy ingredients you’ve never bought before and try fruits you can’t even pronounce the name too!

As vegetarian, vegans and even meat lovers we have this amazing world that is so culturally diverse so why should we set ourselves up in these little food bubbles? Try everything, explore every flavor.

All images belong to Sugar Coated Vegan.

Please show her some support, you will not be disappointed.

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