Buying Quality Essential Oils

Buying quality essential oils is the most important step of aromatherapy. If your oils are not pure, they can’t perform as well as they should; and can even be irritating to you. Remember aromatherapy works because of the properties of the oils, not the scent.

Lavener Oil With the popularity of essential oils increasing daily, it has become somewhat of a challenge to find good quality essential oils. Many marketers are diluting quality oils down to get more money from them or even worse; they’re passing off fakes as the real thing!

Caution and discernment must be used when purchasing essential oils. The most common thinning procedure combines our beautiful oils with kerosene to water them down, and fill more bottles. This can be dangerous if you are using some of the aromatherapy methods involving heat, not to mention who wants to inhale kerosene or rub it on their skin?

Here are some tips for ensuring you are purchasing quality essential oils.

  1. 1.       Know the fragrance of a true essential oil. There will be links at the end of this article where you can purchase quality essential oils, and I recommend buying from these retailers. If you have access to essential oils locally however, at least purchase one bottle from these sites to have a knowledge of what the oil should smell like for future shopping.
  2. 2.       Know the proper price range. A good way to tell if an essential oil is a fake is to simply examine the price tag. The oil I use as a standard for measuring others is Lavender. If their Lavender oil is in the correct price range, then you should be in the clear. Give everything a sniff as well to ensure that they aren’t trying to pass off a watered down oil for a real one.
  3. 3.       If you’ve already purchased an oil, test its flammability. Essential oils are non-flammable, so if one you’ve purchased catches flame it is either full of kerosene or other awful chemicals.

Ginger OilIf you follow these simple tips you will have a much more pleasant shopping experience, and will be able to use the oils you’ve purchased for aromatherapy (as opposed to just perfumery.)

I also can’t stress tip number one enough. There is only one way to tell for sure if an oil is true, and that is smelling it. The other tips give you hints, but the nose knows.

Remember to always smell oils before you buy them, and if the store won’t allow you to do so; they probably have fakes.

Links for Quality Essential Oils

Mountain Rose Herbs: My absolute favorite place to buy herbs, oils, and even baking soda. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Snow Lotus: This company is a little more pricey, but it is better to get the precious oils from this company because they make 10% dilutions to make them readily available.

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