Ginger Tea

Ah Ginger Tea, a new friend which really feels like an old friend. I have come to rely on this sweet and spicy mixture for a couple of months now, and it has definitely made a difference for me.  I don’t necessarily eat properly and as a result my intestines are often pretty angry.

Ginger is famous for helping digestive issues from nausea, to bloating, to increasing the appetite, but it also has tons of other uses such as helping with colds, headaches, migraines, cleansing of the body through sweating, and even helping suppressed menstruation.  Sore throats will also be a thing of the past once you try this ginger tea infused with honey.

Besides all that, it is also terribly delicious and stimulating. It makes a great drink in the morning or in the afternoon when you’ve eaten too much at lunch and want to take a nap.

The recipes that follow are from the lovely and talented Maangchi from If you love Korean food like I do definitely check her out. Her recipes are fantastic.

I would recommend using honey instead of sugar in this recipe. It is not only much healthier for you, but it is antibacterial which will help the mixture store longer in the fridge, and adds even more power to ginger’s powerful punch. I also recommend her method instead of the traditional one due to the huge amount of fiber you get from ingesting the pureed ginger.


Hot Ginger Tea:

  1. Peel a little more than 1 cup’s worth of fresh ginger. Wash and drain thoroughly.
  2. Puree the ginger with either a grater or food processor.
  3. Put 1 cup of the pureed ginger into a bowl. Add 1 cup of honey and mix well.
  4. Transfer to a glass jar and store it in the fridge as you use it.
  5. To serve, mix 2-3 tbs of the mixture into a teacup of boiling water. Garnish with several pine nuts on top.

Cold Ginger Tea:

Mix 3 tbs of the mixture from above into a large glass of cold water. Add some ice cubes and garnish with several pine nuts on top.

Traditional 생강차 (Saenggangcha):

  1. Thinly slice 1 cup of peeled ginger. Mix with 1 cup of honey or sugar.
  2. Transfer to a glass jar and store it in the fridge as you use it.
  3. To serve, boil 3 tbs of the mixture and 1½ cups of water in a ceramic or Pyrex kettle for about 10 minutes. Pour only the tea into a cup and leave the ginger slices in the kettle. Garnish with several pine nuts on top.

All Recipes, images, translations and videos in this post are from

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